New grips are one of the most overlooked game improvement tools in most golfer’s bags.  Without the proper grips on their clubs, the player is robbing themselves of distance and causing more errant shots. Feel Grips immediately increases your distance, your feel around the green and reduces your hook or slice. This game improvement grip allows you to fully release the club to attain maximum club head speed and control.

What improvement can you expect?

* Based on test golfers of various skill levels and feedback from our customers.
  Individual results may vary.  

Of those surveyed, there were many features and benefits of the Feel reverse taper grips that golfers liked.   Some said the grip increased their distance by an average of 9 yards (9 meters);  the grip also improved their feel for chipping and their short game, and player’s felt more in control when swinging their driver using the grip.

  • 83% said it improved their total game
  • 71% said it reduced or eliminated their slice
  • 51% said their wedge play was much improved 
  • 29% said they now draw the ball instead of slicing it.

Feel Grips allow you to fully release the club and generate maximum clubhead speed at impact.

The reverse taper design of Feel Grips is thinner at the top with a gradual thickening for the bottom hand.

This creates a more natural feel in your hands – similar to the tapered handle of a baseball bat – which allows you to easily grip (not hold) the club with your fingertips – just like the pros.

Feel Grips