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Hi and Thank You for dropping into Feel Grips!

I am excited to share Feel Grips - Reverse Taper Grips with you....

I discovered Feel Grips at a USPGA Golf Show and was intrigued by their design innovation – the logic behind the reverse taper design of the grip made sense to me. Suffering from being in the midst of a particularly bad ongoing case of “the yips” with all clubs I took some home with me to try.  I was thrilled with how much Feel Grips improved my golf game.  Longer and straighter off the tee, greater distance, feel and control with long and short irons – it put an end to the pain and suffering of the long stretch I had endured of the dreaded yips. I had new found confidence in my game, performed well consistently and golf was fun again!

I was so impressed with the grips that I became the Australian Distributor and later had no hesitation in securing the worldwide rights for the grips when the opportunity arose. 

I invite you to join Team Feel today, try our grips and improve your golf game performance irrespective of your age or skill level.

We look forward to hearing your golf improvement story!

Happy Golfing!

Alison & Team Feel